Dear Customers,

At the present, The Golden Beach Resort Hotel has discovered that there is a criminal gang set up a fake e-mail name . This is to deceive the victim about accommodation selling and try to sell hotel accommodations. Therefore, the hotel would like to inform all customers that the Golden Beach Resort has only one e-mail address is info@ for booking accommodations (rooms). This e-mail is

Actions of criminals :

- The victim booked accommodations via e-mail address , but there is a fake e-mail is ; hidden underneath

- The criminal gang pretends to be hotel staff selling rooms to customers. They ask for 50% deposit to be paid up front, and the remaining 50% must be paid (bank transfer) before check in. If there is no payment, the booking will be canceled.

- The victim wants to pay by credit card but cannot do it. The gangster only want bank transfer.

- When the victims have fully paid, the gangster will make a fake booking confirmation.

- When the victim checked in at the hotel with that booking confirmation, there was no such a booking in the system. When the hotel recheck the e-mail address that the victim used, they found that this a fake e-mail.

- The hotel has asked the victims to report this case to police to initiate a legal proceedings. Mean while the police technology team has investigation this criminal gang.

How to reserve the hotel:

- Contact by only.

- Customers can contact to confirm their reservation through the hotel via phone number 075-637870-2 (office hours in Thailand 08.30-17.00) by contacting the reservation staffs of the hotel before transfer money through the hotel banks.

Payment method:

1.Bank transfer to the Hotel's bank account.

Bangkok Bank
Account Name: Golden Beach Resort
(Thaitemburi Part.,Ltd)

*In case that you transfer other bank account, we will not be liable for any liability.
*If you transfer money to another account not the above, we will not be responsible for debts or loss that may occur.

2. Only pay Visa or Master credit cards. The hotel will send customer a form to fill in the detail and signature, that allow the hotel to charge the amount (as show in the e-mail) to credit card. Then the hotel will send a receipt to confirm the payment.

Remark: The hotel advise that payment by Visa or Master credit card is the safest and most secure method If you have any questions, please contact at 075-637870-2 (office hours in Thailand 08.30-17.00) or